Midazolam – which preparation?

Please take care when prescribing, dispensing and administering midazolam ampoules. There are two strengths (5mg/mL and 1mg/mL) and two presentations (glass and plastic) available.

Plastic or glass?

Please use plastic ampoules if buccal midazolam is needed for status epilepticus in paediatric patients because they are safer and easier for families and caregivers to use at home. Glass ampoules may break or splinter and also require a filter needle. Plastic ampoules are designed for a syringe to lock onto the ampoule without having to use a needle. 

Which strength?

There are two strengths of midazolam ampoules available and several volumes. For buccal dosing, a small volume is preferred, so please use the higher strength (15mg/3mL plastic ampoules).

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